If you are a busy professional, the Time For Your Life workshop will transform how you think about your time. Managing your time is not fundamentally about calendars and apps, it’s about managing yourself.

The problem

Procrastination and poor time management cause unnecessary stress and limit our productivity, creativity, and success. The main reasons we procrastinate are a failure of self-regulation, failure to manage negative emotions around tasks, and poor planning or execution. In the workplace, procrastination costs employers about $10,000 per individual per year. Individually, it can cost us our health, career success, and well-being.

The solution

The solution starts with understanding why we procrastinate and how we can manage our time better. We will delve into the thought patterns that lead to procrastination and examine motivation and motivational conflict. Through this workshop, you will:

  1. Understand the cognitive, motivational, and operational factors that currently limit your time management.
  2. Develop and articulate your big mission, vision, and values.
  3. Start to make your goals a reality through intentional planning and prioritization.
  4. Learn how to manage your mind to do things that are difficult and to confront imposterism and the fear of failure.
  5. Understand how to work efficiently with a deep level of focus.

The workshop

This workshop will help catalyze change in your life. The Time for your Life workshop is an intense, month-long, paradigm-shifting experience that will help you think differently about your time. Workshops are intentionally limited to a 30 participants in each class.

Workshop time commitment:

  • 2 hours of homework (yes, homework!) each week with videos, readings, and reflective worksheets. You will have access to the asynchronous materials and videos forever.
  • 1-hour live, interactive session each week with Dr. Shenvi in which we work in a small group and apply the concepts to your biggest concerns.
  • 30-minutes optional discussion time after each live session to discuss individual questions or concerns each week.

Consider this a personal training program for your time management. If you are a beginner at time management and a professional procrastinator, this workshop will help you make major changes. If you are already an expert at time management, this workshop will help you better understand your own mind and change it to become even more effective. Think about athletes or musicians, it’s the elite performers who need expert coaching to improve.

You cannot change your time management habits just by listening to new ideas any more than you can change your health by watching someone else exercise. However, you can change with effort, guidance… and homework.

Who should sign up for this workshop?

This workshop will help if you are:

  • A busy professional who wants to be able to accomplish more.
  • Feeling stuck in a rut at your current productivity level.
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do.
  • A high performer but unsure of how to take your level of focus and productivity to the next level.
  • Struggling with a pattern of avoiding certain tasks and aren’t sure why.
  • Drowning in emails and to-do lists.
  • A chronic procrastinator who approaches their life with resignation.
  • Unsure why you procrastinate on certain tasks.
  • Ready to get your calendar, your mind, and your life under control.


Contact me directly if you would like to schedule a 4-part workshop for your institution or department.

Personal Coaching

One-on-one coaching is a highly effective way to catalyze growth and renewal. Bring a challenge, barrier, or problem for coaching. If you don’t have a specific challenge right now, we can work through a structured way to think about your time management.
Price: For a limited time $195 for 4, 30-minute mini sessions.

Online Video Series Access

This is a series of 8 hours of online videos with a reflective workbook that covers the cognitive, motivational, and operational aspects of improving your time management. This series is open at any time and does not include live meetings.
Price: $100

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