Why time management?

Why time management?

What would it feel like for you to have no stress at all around how you manage your time? What would it mean for you to be in total control of everything you have to get done? If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with how much you can accomplish, what would it feel like to realize you can create more time than you think?

If I had to boil it down to three things that I want to give you, it would be peace, values, and system.


Having more peace means less overwhelm and stress, less running around thinking about things we have to do but never having time to do them. It means fewer mental post-it notes of all the things we have to do, and allowing ourselves to think only of the task we’re doing. It means being present.


Does how you currently spend your time reflect what is important to you? Or does it reflect the most urgent things that have to get done, or the tasks that no one else wanted, or, perhaps, someone else’s values? Creating a values-based schedule means making sure that how you are spending your time is in line with what is important to you.


In order to be effective and work efficiently you have to clear your mind of everything but what you are working on. To do that you have to have a reliable system to capture your thoughts and ideas and know that you will come back to them at their designated time. We falter and worry when we don’t have a plan.

My Goals

My dream is to enable people to work at the best of their abilities and in ways that bring joy and create more margin in their lives for all the things that are important to them, not just their work. I believe that most of us are not functioning near our capacity in our work. As a country, we spend about 25% of our day procrastinating or wasting time. More importantly, most of us are far from our maximum capacity for fulfillment, for creating meaning, and for finding joy at work.

Time management is not just something we do, it’s how we do everything.

Good time management is how we meet our career goals, by being strategic with what we do and efficient in how we do it.

Good time management is how we meet our personal goals, through ruthlessly prioritizing, through planning and execution.

Most importantly, good time management is how we create time in our lives for the things that are most important to us: our families, communities, interests, health, ourselves, and service to others. Come join me, and let’s explore how to create time for your life.

Take action

To start being more intentional with your time, write down the three things that are most important to you. Are the front-and-center in your life? Or are they pushed to the side-lines? Sign up for my email list serve, or consider signing up for the Time For Your Life workshop.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin.

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