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Whether you are looking for a 1-hour seminar or a half-day retreat, Dr. Shenvi will lead an engaging, memorable session that will leave your team feeling empowered and motivated. 

Why choose Dr. Shenvi for your next career development event?

Make your next career development seminar time well spent. Dr. Shenvi has spoken at numerous institutions around the country and can bring a fresh look at time to your team.

  1. Expertise: Dr. Shenvi has taught and coached high-performing professionals for years, and understands the challenges they face.
  2. Engaging speaker: Her presentations are dynamic and will leave audiences motivated and ready to implement life-changing strategies.
  3.  Actionable insights: Dr. Shenvi doesn’t just talk about more apps and calendars. She provides practical, actionable tips that your attendees can immediately apply to their daily lives.
  4. Evidence-backed: Where possible, Dr. Shenvi draws on evidence from the psychology and education literature to show the effectiveness of the methods she uses.
  5. Personal stories: Dr. Shenvi weaves personal anecdotes and success stories into her talks, making her message relatable and memorable.
  6. Interactive: The 2- and 3-hour sessions are built with interactive exercises that reinforce key concepts and foster a collaborative learning environment.

Group Options

Building strong time management skills is critical to helping your team members or employees be effective, efficient, and feel less stressed about their time. Nationally we lose over $750 billion to wasted time and procrastination annually. That amounts to about $10,000 per worker. On average, two hours of each workday are spent procrastinating or working very inefficiently. Procrastination is not only bad for productivity, it also causes unnecessary stress.

If you are a team or group leader, I offer several options for helping your entire company, department, or team improve their time management. Contact me here for more information or to schedule a discovery call for the group options.


This virtual workshop is a 4-week program that includes the online asynchronous course above, but supplements it with 4 1.5-hour, interactive sessions in which we discuss and apply concepts from the online course to your individual contexts. Each session also includes 30min of group coaching and problem-solving. Contact me here for more information.


The in-person retreat is a half-day, interactive, session in which we will explore and apply the highest-yield aspects of the Time for your Life approach in a group setting. This session can be for 10-300 individuals. The retreat can be tailored to 2- or 3-hour time-frames. Contact me here for more information.


If you are looking for a career-development speaker for an upcoming session, I offer a 1-hour, fast-paced, high-yield session that will leave your group feeling empowered, motivated, and hopeful about making changes in their approach to time management. Contact me here for more information.

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Feedback & testimonials from participants:

Dr. Shenvi is an outstanding educator and guide. The combination of resources and videos completed outside of meetings and the expertly designed synchronous sessions were perfect. I felt challenged, yet able to keep up. My calendar is packed, so if I am going to engage in something that takes 2 – 3 hours per week it has to be worth it. This program was totally worth it.

As a physician, mom of two under 5 yo, and wife, finding work life balance in a dual physician household is a constant struggle, but after having taken the course I feel I found the tools and insight needed to make my day more manageable. I feel like I have better insight on why I procrastinate and have found ways to prevent it from happening– particularly by using implementation-intention strategies!

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What Some of My Clients Have to Say

Most helpful course I have ever taken for self-actualization as a professional. Time management is a critical topic to be taught at all levels of academic training from undergrad to executive roles.


This was fantastic. Excellent content, thoughtful, and also intensely pragmatic. Loved Christina’s willingness to share her own experiences, and to also make it safe for others to do so.


Dr. Shenvi is so impressively smooth – she knows how to captivate the audience and keep their interest. She tells great anecdotes to make things stick, and she has the practical tips that help to translate the abstract into the concrete. I could listen to her all day.


“I thought the speaker was dynamic, focused, knowledgeable, and thoroughly understanding of the demands on doctors. Excellent”


What an awesome and dense fast paced talk for time management– a lot of it is really getting into the mindset of real conviction, and prioritization and willingness to struggle with problems that will need creative troubleshooting… and not run away from them with excuses.

“Wow very refreshing, great speaker!”


This was one of the most helpful and uplifting Zooms I have been on in a long time – thank you SO much for organizing it. And Kudos to Dr. Shenvi!


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