My goal is to partner with individuals to help catalyze growth and renewal in their lives. One-on-one coaching is a highly effective way to learn to think differently and overcome limiting beliefs. Coaching can help you gain more clarity and create a strategy to reach your goals. Give yourself the gift of time to think, reflect, and plan. This is a way to invest in yourself.

Bring a challenge, barrier, or problem for coaching. If you don’t have a specific challenge right now, we can work through a structured way to think about your goals.

What is coaching?
Coaching involves a process of reflective inquiry that seeks to help an individual gain clarity around their own thoughts and goals. Coaching is distinct from mentorship, advising, or therapy, in that it is future-focused, action-oriented, and can help you whether you are a senior leader or at the start of your career. Nothing has to be “wrong” to seek out coaching. Just as Olympic gymnasts at the top of their game need individual coaches, professionals in all fields can benefit from a personal coach. Coaching can help you recognize blind spots, uncover strengths, live with greater contentment and accomplishment, and feel less overwhelmed.

How does it work?
After you register, we will meet over zoom at a time that works for you. We will identify a specific goal or challenge to address during each session. By the end of the session, you will have a clearer sense of where to go next. If you are a physician, you can complete a brief reflection and claim CME credits.

The top five reasons individuals seek out coaching with me

  1. They want help to get a big project done. Often this is a paper, a book chapter, or a backlog of emails or EMR messages, that keep getting postponed and now feel like a constant weight.
  2. They are feeling overwhelmed and constantly stressed about everything they have to do and want to create a system that will work.
  3. They are going through a career transition or trying to move forward in their career and navigate changes.
  4. They want to understand themselves better and overcome thought barriers such as the feeling of being an imposter.
  5. They feel like their life is lopsided with work overtaking everything and they want to create a greater sense of balance. I call this the distributed optimization of purpose.

Introductory mini-coaching sessions package
I am offering an introductory coaching package for a limited time during the new year of four 30-minute coaching sessions that include CME credit for physicians. The mini-coaching sessions are a great way to try coaching without a big time commitment. See how much progress you can make with just four sessions. After you register, I will email you a link to schedule your sessions. If you are a physician, after each session, you can complete a brief reflection and claim professional development CME. This is a great way to try out coaching without a long-term commitment.

Ongoing coaching package
If you have already taken the introductory package and want to pursue more coaching, this package includes four 50-minute coaching sessions that include CME credit for physicians.

Other places I coach
In addition to coaching individuals and groups through Time For Your Life, I coach for Passive Income MD, a group of physician entrepreneurs, for LEAD, a physician leadership program, and for Max Allure, a mastermind course for physicians.